Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic diseases.

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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications.  Acute complications include diabetic ketoacidosis and nonketonic hyperosmolar coma.  Serious long-term complications include cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes. 

Although it seems that modern medicine can control diabetes from the use of insulin in medicine since 1921. Until now, no way to cure diabetes yet.  But how to treat your diabetes medicine now turns out that the treatment of diabetes, focusing on keeping blood sugar levels than to look deep to the root problem of diabetes.


The experience of working on my research on herbal extracts for over ten years. It can be concluded that Kao Tong extracts, I have developed, is what allows people with diabetes, both types have better quality of life, or in some cases recovered from diabetes indeed. Information about the mechanism of Kao Tong extracts formula that I have developed come from the substance or by-product of the manufacturing process, microorganism Lactobacillus and beta glucan, a major component in the structure of cell walls of saccharomyces cerevisiae formed in the fermentation.  From the research that I had worked with a research team that makes the substance, namely polynucleotide of two species Lactobacillus. are found in fermented extract of Kao Tong and the cell wall of saccharomyces cerevisiae ,  have the ability to stimulate the qualified immune system in laboratory animals (rats) as well.


White blood cells of certain mice can kill many types of pathogens as data in the table below.



% kill


Burkholderia pseudomallei


Shigella flexneri


Salmonella group B


Staphylococcus aureus


Group A streptococci


Lactobacillus casei



Burkholderia pseudomallei


Shigella flexneri


Salmonella group B


Staphylococcus aureus


Group A streptococci


Lactobacillus plantarum



Kao Tong extracts formula contains beta glucan with the ability to stimulate the bone marrow to proliferate and release more stem cells into bloodstream.  Bone marrow stem cells (BMSC) improve holistic health of the body, especially in the treatment of diabetes and complications from diabetes such.  The fact that the technology used to stimulate the bone marrow to produce and release more stem cells to circulate in the bloodstream can be applied to all kinds of chronic degenerative disease that occurs in people. People with diabetes often have all kinds of degenerative diseases such as  degeneration of beta cells in the pancreas that fount of diabetes, diseases such as arterial clog up and coronary heart disease. We will realize that these diseases are the degeneration of the cells and tissues of the body itself is aging. Stem cells principle-based medicine, all kinds of degenerative diseases due to low level of the stem cells circulating in blood stream. If you follow this logic, it shows that when we have the technology to increase the number of stem cells, the more it can reverse the mechanism of degeneration of cells and tissues.


Stem cells from bone marrow have the ability to be homing to the pancreas and differentiate to be beta cells that produce insulin efficiently. To stimulate the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, thus reflecting increasing the number of circulating stem cells in the blood stream. As a result, new blood vessels formed, resulting restore organ damage, reduce blood sugar and in some cases stop injecting insulin.


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Conclusion, summarized studies on stem cells with diabetes need to be studied further. But the simple  way to support the release of stem cells from our own bone marrow seems to be the best way to treat diabetes.

Since 2009, the team with me got off to various locations throughout the country to collect data,  interviews, and investigate  with more than a thousand people had taken Kao Tong extracts various dosage forms. It shows to improved or cured of diabetes and many kinds of chronic degenerative diseases. We found that most people who suffer from diabetes was not diagnosed  with only one  disease, but there are many  diseases simultaneously. Makes endured suffering and tribulations of life. But those who turn to use Kao Tong  extracts for health care  can improved quality of life significantly in a short time.

There are several cases of diabetes who experience to Kao Tong extracts and success in treatment as:

  1. Thai man aged 63 years, live in Muang Krabi with hypertension, dizziness and diabetes for more than 20 years. He had a high blood sugar level of 700 milligrams per deciliter. He said that the ants have stingers urine. Himself thirsty to drink very often. He had a wound under foot deep and large enough to put a ping pong ball into it. To maintain the hospital was granted eat without insulin injections. He found that diabetes was about thirty years, but still strong enough to work. Foot ulcers are caused by a blister clear lead before spotty. The doctor scoop the top surface of the skin. Wide like a ping pong ball is put into it. The wound was not drugs. But only to clean the wound, but it's not better. Admitted to a hospital for about five months. His daughter buys KAO TONG for him, but he took a jab at the pain inflicted more so took KAO TONG scrappy. The pain has continued for about four days, then the pain is reduced and the wound had dried up. When eating for three months foot ulcers had healed. He had a blood sugar level remains at 500, not  exhausted but satisfied 100%.
  2. The 56-year-old woman, Thailand. Non Thai, Nakhon Ratchasima. She has diabetes, with eye problem, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and gout. She got diabetes since the age of 40 years had diabetes for 16 years, the right eye can not see. She has numbness in the feet and tiredness. In the first month started with KAO TONG  capsule makes the eyes look clearer. View more  visible, yet from the weird Jaundice the hand started bleeding more. Not so tired as before. Taking Kao Tong for 4 day, sugar level dropped from 120 to 75 and the blood pressure down to normal.
  3. Thai woman 72 years age Bamnetnarong, Chaiyaphum, Thailand. She has diabetes and has been very weak. Body weight dropped from 62 kg to 53 Doctors cut out the tumor and realized  that cancer is the second phase. Listen to people with kidney disease need dialysis who had eaten KAO TONG was not already on dialysis. She decided to take KAO TONG. After eating, then shake very weak. But when we met her,  she recovered from fatigue and a weak heart and she got  appetite, and sugar level down from 200 to 162.
  4. Thai woman, 72 years old who live in Bamnetnarong, Chaiyaphum, Thailand a patient with many chronic conditions, over 20 years. Diseases such as heart disease, appendicitis, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, peptic ulcer perforate, kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy. Diseased heart is Cardiovascular insufficiency, headache, high blood pressure. Diabetes blood glucose 200-300, now reduced to 150. There are too many medications cause kidney disease. At first, doctors need dialysis. But now  she do not need dialysis. After taking KAO TONG capsule cardiovascular insufficiency can felt blood circulation more than ever before. Lost fatigue, and walking normally. Body weight increase from  62 kg to 65 kg. The survival of the debilitating disease. Keeping the body healthy and feeling like life is reduced to 20 years. When she became ill, the skin color is dark green. After taking KAO TONG she  feel better to have a normal skin color.
  5. Thai woman 57years old, Phon Charoen, Nong  Khai, Thailand. She suffered from diabetes for 22 years and had diabetic retinopathy, gastritis, inflammation, pain, leg weakness, fatigue, drink a lot, fatigue, urine sugar ants have stingers and  went to a lot of aches and pains as well at last got yellow blurred vision. For stomach inflammation make her stomach upset together with constipation. Taking KAO TONG make her legs pain began to ease. Spontaneous bowel movement than ever, no stomach pain, stomach aches in the stomach feeling of relief can walk farther than ever.


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