Ratchawang-Inn Art Village is the home of a famous Thai artist and art workers. It is a private art studio and art gallery/museum of Arnan Ratchawang-Inn.

In addition, there is a private cozy accommodation provide pure fresh air, natural surroundings and natural self-sufficient way of living. We also grow our own chemical free-rice, fruits and vegetable in our own land. 


At ratchawang-Inn Art village, you will definitely enjoy fresh and pure natures, physically and spiritually. Our place is serene and private which is suitable for your vacation, busy lifestyle-getaway, or even your writing and creative work or artwork creation. We also provide various pottery and art workshop or activities for your leisure.

Ultimately, those who stay with us will have privilege in learning closely with Ratchawang-Inn Art Village in life and work aspects among our soul soothing atmosphere, cozy and relaxing accommodation, and especially beautiful masterpieces of artwork.

We also welcome foreign artists who would like to join art workshop and artists' exchange program. Our 3 acres-artist village is a perfect place awaits to indulge and delight your spirit.

Ratchawang-Inn Art Village

Baan Santonmuang Nue Soi 4,

21/3 Moo 2, Tumbol Samranrat,

Ampue Doisaket, Chiangmai,

Thailand 50220

For more information or booking, please contact :

+66 89850 0266 Mr. Arnan Rachawang-Inn

+66 95687 6086 Ms. Bhatada (Nok)

Email : ratchawanginn68@gmail.com

Email : maechoa@gmail.com